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  • Sketch with Ian Fennelly in Nuremberg!
    Photo: Ian Fennelly

Sketch with Ian Fennelly in Nuremberg!

01.07.2021 Nuremberg | Ian Fennelly urban, sketching, drawing, watercolor, watercolour 99 EUR

Seize this unique opportunity and enjoy 6 wonderful hours of sketching with Ian Fennelly in the beautiful city of Nuremberg!

Ever wondered what it would be like how to sketch with a top-class tutor? Now is your chance to find out! Meet Ian Fennelly and spend a day sketching with him!

Our Sketch-With-Ian-Day starts at 10 a.m. and ends around 4 p.m., making this a 6-hour-sketching-experience (with breaks). Ian will give you an introduction - him teaching always involves some storytelling and is as humorous as it is empathetic. You will have the chance to watch him sketching and listen to his explanations as we will be shooting a tutorial video with him on the same day. even though he might not be able to give individual feedback constantly throughout the day, he will be available for individual advice during the breaks. And you are, of course, free to sketch along to his tutorial! This is a unique sneak peek into what will be uploaded in the future. The day will close with feedback for the whole group where Ian will look at your sketches. 

A day with a world class art tutor is certainly a day well spent!


Nuremberg is known for its historic buildings in the old town, surrounded by thick town walls. There are unbelievably many sights, mostly historic and extremely charming that might come in handy while sketching or taking photos – the whole town just provides a picturesque backdrop!

Target group: (all levels) This course is meant to be for beginners as well as for advanced learners.

Number of participants: 6-12

Where do we sketch/draw? We will draw and sketch mainly outside en plein air, so you should not mind walking longer distances on foot.