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Fascinating Pastel - Nothing but Nature

29.08.2021 - 05.09.2021 Hiddensee | Susanne Mull nature, pastel, painting, seascapes, landscape 1059 EUR

Get inspired by the unique possibilities of pastel. Only pastel offers a perfect symbiosis of drawing and painting. The picturesque landscapes with many idyllic motifs offer a perfect scenery for the introduction to this fascinating technique.

Open your mind for the crouched “Reetdach”-architecture, surrounded by the rough beauty of the islands, trees formed by the wind, dunes and the sea. The combination of painting and drawing is what makes pastel unique - the freedom of expression allows the artist, beginner or expert, to develop their own individual handwriting. 

General information on the course structure: 

The characteristics of pastel is the combination of painting and drawing with a wonderful lightening of colour in the purity of the pigment. That’s what Susanne Mull wants to fascinate her students for. You will work forward, step by step, and with an individual supervision. Everybody’s artistic wants and needs will be empathetically taken care of.  

After an introduction to the materials - different pastels and painting grounds - Susanne Mull will explain her way of working in depth, during which many questions will come up (...and answered, of course). Often, there is also an enriching exchange between the participants. A nice basis for getting to know each other better - and grow together! 

Also, there are theory-parts on composition in colour and form, perspective, framing, storage of the finished works, as well as literature on pastel painting for a better understanding of it, and a concluding discussion - all of this make this course perfect. 

You will work with DIN A4 formats, your own picture templates which every participant has to bring themselves! The choice of motif up to the image details are part of the creative process. 

Depending on the weather there will be pleinair painting, as well. 

Fascinating Pastel - Nothing but Nature
Susanne Mull