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  • Picturesque Hattingen
    Photo: Elena Romanzin

Picturesque Hattingen

11.04.2022 - 15.04.2022 Hattingen | Elena Romanzin watercolor, painting, acrylics, landscape, nature 499 EUR

Learn to use and learn to love Goauche painting! In addition to practical tips on gouache, questions about the choice of motif, color mood and perspective are discussed. In this painting course we will take on a new motif every day and paint plein air.

For many, watercolor is the preferred medium for painting whilst traveling as the materials are compact and easy to transport. However, its transparency can occasionally be a challenge when you usually paint with oil or acrylic at home and are used to opaque colors. This is where the covering gouache comes into play. It is a very convincing, environmentally friendly and at the same time easy to use medium.

But what exactly is gouache and how can it be combined with traditional watercolor? What are the differences to acrylic and what are the special features of gouache? The course will answer these questions and open up a whole new world of possibilities for the watercolor painter and drafts(wo)man!

This course focuses on on-site sketching. Half-timbered houses, towers, churches, picturesque industrial ruins, sights but also water landscapes on the Ruhr, wildflowers and trees are among our motifs. Watercolor and gouache enable quick painterly sketches and the wearing of outdoor equipment that has been reduced to a minimum. It will be fun and easy to discover new picturesque locations and move from one place to another to change subject and perspective. If the weather permits, we will paint and sketch outdoors. In case of bad weather, we take photos of our favorite subjects outside, but then work in the studio using our photo templates. Here you will also find explanations about technology, color mixing and perspective.

Target group: This course is suitable for beginners as well as advanced learners. This course is aimed primarily at landscape lovers who enjoy painting outdoors and who have some experience in watercolor painting.

Where do you paint? Daily excursions are planned and some mobility on foot is required. If the weather permits, painting is mainly done outside.