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  • The Art of Portrait Painting
    Photo: Elena Romanzin

The Art of Portrait Painting

18.04.2022 - 22.04.2022 Hattingen | Elena Romanzin painting, landscape, oil, acrylics, plein air, sketching, drawing, life, nature 499 EUR

How do I start painting a portrait in acrylic paint? How do I mix colours to achieve the wanted skin tones? How do I achieve likeness in a face? These and more questions will be answered during these few days and you’ll learn how to paint a portrait step by step!

Painting a portrait might seem magical, but there really is no witchcraft to it. Yet yes, it can be tough, for beginners as well as painting experts. Where do I start wanting to paint an acrylic portrait? How do I mix colours to achieve the wanted skin tones? How do I achieve likeness in a face? How do I keep the correct anatomy? In this course you will most likely produce 1-3 portraits, the focus will always lie on an individual, rather expressive teaching and painting.

We will start with drawing and sketching exercises to learn about proportions of the human face and everything we need to let a face appear as realistic as possible. We will learn and practice on the basics of proportions, composition, drawing and colour mixing for skin tones step by step.
We will work on drawing and painting details like eyes, mouth, nose and hair, as well as study the basics of head- and face anatomy. We will do a Grisaille-underpainting and work it out with a reduced colour palette. Basic knowledge in portrait painting will help you with achieving a more realistic effect.

In case you want to work with your own photo reference, please bring it twice (in printed version), in colour and in black and white, as a frontally taken picture and in good resolution.