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Japanese Ceramics

13.08.2022 - 20.08.2022 Cerdeira | Masakazu Kusakabe sculpture, arts & crafts 880 EUR

For the 5th year we welcome Sensei Masakazu Kusakabe for a 10 days course, not only to immerse in ceramics and woodfiring but also in Japanese culture. Getting to know the history of Japanese ceramics, the ash glazes, making tea bowls on the potter’s wheel or small sculptures and objects from different types of clay to finally deliver our works to the power of the wood fire is something very special. Beside his deep knowledge of ceramics and wood firing, Japanese ceramicistst Masakazu Kusakabe is a true master in every sense. His workshops are not limited to pottery, but also include other elements of Japanese culture, like tea ceremonies, sushi making, the “Wabi Sabi” philosophy, and music. In short, workshops with Masakazu Kusakabe are full days, complete with hard work, learning and exchange, that bring out the best of each one of us, as an artist and a human being.

“I always consider Japanese traditional culture when I do my work. The history of ceramics, the flow of change, and local specialities are also very important.”

Our friend and master ceramicist MASAKAZU KUSAKABE will be back to Cerdeira to celebrate the 5th birthday of the SASUKENEI - SMOKELESS KILN,
invented and designed by him and built with the help of a fantastic group of portuguese artists and ceramicists in Cerdeira in 2015.


  • History of Japanese ceramics
  • Wabi Sabi concept
  • Working on the potters wheel
  • Handbuilding teabowls, small sculptures and objects
  • Preparing ash glazes, shino, tenmoku etc
  • Introduction to smokeless woodfiring
  • Tea cerimony
  • Sushi making

Japanese Ceramics
Masakazu Kusakabe