Coloring the landscape

15.09.2023 - 22.09.2023 South West France | Jo Perkins mixed media, acrylics 995 GBP

Explore colour and pattern as a way to create joyful semi-abstract landscapes.

We are delighted to be welcoming Jo, to La Salle in 2023. We have a wonderful itinerary planned with visits to some exciting locations for ‘en plein air’ inspiration and tuition with Jo, both on location and in the studio, visits to some beautiful villages nearby, some fabulous gardens and a Chateau tour and winetasting in St-Puy.

"I am an Edinburgh based artist making semi-abstract paintings in response to my local landscape. I am fascinated with colour and how it makes us feel, often exploring saturated palettes that reflect both my emotions in regard to the landscape and the changing seasons. I look at pattern and shape and am working to establish a visual language that describes my experiences.

Compositions are created from life then translated to canvas or wooden panel in an expressive and intuitive way. I use acrylic for its immediacy and versatility and mix this with other media to enhance each piece."

Coloring the landscape
Jo Perkins