Angela Baranda - Tutor ·

Angela Baranda

Ángela Baranda is from Pamplona in Navarre. It is in her home city where she has started
taking her first steps in photography. A hobby that turned into a passion very early,
encouraged by her family’s lifestyle. Years of traveling with them and later journeys on her
own have helped to develop an extraordinary sensitivity to the surroundings. To notice subtle
changes in light, shadow, her models’ mood. She is a keen observer of the world around her.

Ángela lingers in Madrid now, where she works as a photographer and continues her art
related studies. Living in a capital city gives her many opportunities to further develop her
unique style and to learn from artists working in different fields. It also allows her to pursue
her other passions – the opera and the theatre. She currently works for The Royal Theatre of
Madrid as a photographer.

Being an experienced traveler from Navarre makes her an ideal tutor to guide you through
meanders of the art of photography. She knows the places you are going to visit very well, is
able to advice you on the best light to take a shot, as well as bring back some local history.
Her methodical theory classes contrast with an open personality and sense of humor. A
perfect mixture for a tutor!