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Beth Ruggiero-York

I’m Beth Ruggiero-York and am passionate about helping you learn how to create successful images.
In our noise-polluted world, we often forget about the beauty of the night. I find myself trying to imagine the skies that our ancestors saw. It was the dark, starry nights of Alaska that first inspired me to reflect their beauty through my photography.
I love teaching other photographers how to use today’s advanced cameras to photograph at night, as well as experiencing the quiet beauty of night photography in the field. Through workshops, seminars, and one-on-one custom instruction, I can guide you through this learning process.
My workshops include night and day landscape photography for Arizona Highways Photo Workshops and for my own company, Ruggiero Images LLC, in the United States and Asia. If you are looking to expand your photographic experience into the night, or just go further with your day images, I hope you will consider joining me on the journey.