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5 Ways How To Make Money As an Artist - Even During the Pandemic! Part 2

Welcome to the second part of showing you a few possibilities on how to increase your reach as an artist and how to make money with it! You want to make art your life and live off it, as well? Read part 1 first and dive into the 2nd one now!

1. Video content on popular platforms

Platforms like YouTube or TikTok are good to get started with. In order to earn money on YouTube, you need to have more than 1,000 subscribers. To get extra support from your subscribers, you should also think about creating a Patreon. Patreon is a US social payment service provider. Through Patreon, artists and creators can regularly receive a self-determined amount of money from their fans.On TikTok, you can earn money as well through user support. Again, in order to make money through TikTok, you need to hit 1,000 subscribers. That’s when you can go live. Users will get the opportunity to support you with gifts in the form of stickers, which in turn can then be exchanged for real money. It might sound easy, but this means for you to constantly be active and produce quality content regularly. Otherwise, you will easily lose your followers' interest.Additionally, YouTube and TikTok are both great platforms to do reviews and affiliate marketing for art products and services. This way you can keep your content fresh.

2. Connect with other artists

Another great way to get you more present in the art scene is to connect with other artists (that are known and active)  through Collaborations. You can think about hosting an exhibition together for instance. Social media is a great platform to present such collabs and will eventually get you a name out there.

3. Become an Influencer on social media

This will happen in no time if you have a large audience on social networks such as Instagram. It goes well with the previously listed method, too. But you need to make sure to focus on one topic only: art. Your followers will follow you because of your artwork or to get informed about upcoming projects/workshops/online courses - you name it. If you start advertising gym clothes you might risk losing the trust of your audience which will result in losing followers. Instead, you can become a brand ambassador for art-related products. This will at least be relevant for your page. To expand your audience, it’s important to engage them with exciting content as well. Not just now and then, but on a daily basis. Make sure to take advantage of the “story” features. The story format gives a great opportunity to give behind-the-scenes access to your followers. This might be some footage of your during creating a painting, giving quick art tips or trips to art galleries or exhibitions that you are participating in, or simply promoting. Or, as aforementioned, you can inform them about upcoming events related to you.The more you get to show off your personality or artwork, the more you will catch the interest of your followers.

4. Street Vending

Who doesn’t love street vending? It contributes to the cultural life of a city and makes the streets more vibrant and welcoming. This is where you come in. You can give it a try and sell your art on the streets. You should definitely consider choosing busy places where a lot of tourists are or in cultural districts. Many artists have been successful with this.

5. Art Competitions

Participating in art competitions might be challenging because your work needs to stand out and be impressive enough to win but it kind of keeps you on track and makes you improve as an artist. There are a lot of art competitions out there - and winning one can definitely benefit you and help you get the recognition you deserve and of course: promote your personal brand. Before you decide which art competition you want to participate in, check the instructions, and terms and conditions. You never know what red flags might expect you. Better safe than sorry!

We hope you took something from our little tips on how to live off your art. We wish you all the best and...fingers crossed, there might be a way to pay your rent by being an artist!

Source: Unsplash (Dylan Mullis)

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