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    Looking for tips to improve your art? In this monthly installment, we've collected tips and tricks that we think you'll find helpful.

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    People visit museums for art - of course. But it is not only the desire to look at the exhibited art and admiring it – one of the reasons people of the 21st century to go to the museum is to capture the observed art and share it with others over social media.

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    We had a colourful YOUTUBE & filming weekend in Frankfurt last week! New video-tutorials coming SOON!

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    Looking for tips to improve your art? In this monthly installment, we've collected tips and tricks that we think you'll find helpful.

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    Imagine you are wandering around in a museum, admiring paintings of stunning landscapes, walking through aesthetically pleasing halls, standing in front of skilfully created sculptures of flawless-looking bodies, everything looks fancy and artistically perfected – and then it happens: you see a super ugly medieval baby. Interesting enough, there is actually a reasonable explanation for that uncanny depiction of human infants.

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    We show you how to let yourself be conducted by your own inner experiences.

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    When you are going on an art holiday, there are some essentials you will certainly miss if you forgot them. People learn from past mistakes, but in order not to regret not taking some stuff with you and end up missing them (as it is of importance to keeping organised on an art holiday)…here is a list of 7 items essentially to take with you!

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    Picturesque landscapes with flourishing sceneries, tranquil little towns with ancient flair next to big cities filled with historic and timeless atmospheres, the coastline along the most beautiful sceneries. Vitality. Culinary delights. Romance. “La Dolce Vita”, meaning to literally live “the sweet life”. All this and way more makes Italy one of the most beloved travel-destinations – and justifiably so. The ideal destination for every art lover!

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    Wouldn’t it sound spectacular to be awarded with the People’s Choice Award for “Best Artist of the Year”? Well. Happy to announce that this year’s winner of this category is nobody else but our lovely tutor [Jo Pickering](! This is, by the way, not her first and only award – but the latest.

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    The internet is full of challenges. Lots of people doing…well… lots of things that lead nowhere and seem to be brought into the virtual life as a result of attempting to cure boredom. But today we are talking about a challenge for artists, a challenge that speaks to everyone who likes to be creative with pen, pencil or brush – a challenge that will make you develop improve your creativity: Welcome to Inktober!