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7 Tips on How To Overcome Your Fear of Sketching Outside

It is summer: the sun shines brighter everyday, the afternoon sky is cocktail blue, the birds are chirping - and you? You spend your day at home sketching. Sounds a little boring. Sketching outdoors on the other hand sounds like a great experience but the imagination of people watching or even talking to you? - SCARY! Let me tell you something.. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! But do you really want to spend your beautiful sunny day indoors? You will enjoy the atmosphere outside even more and will catch the intensity of colors even better! There's only one thing to say: Don't let the fear and the doubts destroy your idea of realising your passion outdoors. You ask yourself how? Well, here are a few tips and tricks on how to overcome this fear!

1. Mindset

First of all Mindset! Being conscious about your inhibitions is the first step to overcome your fear. Once you realise how irrelevant the thoughts of others really are, believe me, you couldn't care less! Especially since you are way more invisible than you think unless you draw attention of course. That takes us to the next tip..

2. Don't draw attention to yourself!

If you sketch something and you do not want to draw any attention to yourself, you should make sure not to look up and down all the time - especially when you are sketching a person. This would make the person notice you instantly and would maybe get uncomfortable as well. One way to solve this problem is to move with your eyes, not your head. Another way of avoiding other people's attention is to take a picture of whatever you are about to sketch. This will definitely help you not to look up and down.

3. Sketch with friends!

This is a lot more fun than to just sketch alone! The more you do this, the more you will get used to it and you’ll maybe learn how to sketch alone! Therefore we can really recommend our art travels! You will be able to book a wonderful trip in Germany or in chosen places in Europe where you have the opportunity to sketch/paint/photograph/write with a group of people with the same interests and even a professional who will lead you on and help you improve your art! It's a perfect way to spend a nice warm day with cold drinks and nice company! Check out our courses and take a look at our reviews!

4. Places where people are minding their business

You can also choose places where people are minding their business so they won't even notice you and what you are doing - places like cafes, libraries, bus stops, trains, wherever - it’s your choice.

5. Focus on your sketch!

If you focus on your sketch, you will find yourself not even noticing your surroundings. This will help you to not even think about other people around you. You won’t get distracted or stressed about your environment - quite the opposite: your sketch will be the center of your attention. By especially supporting those creative escapes, we can’t help but recommend our art travels!

6. Explore!

If you have found your perfect location, take time to explore that place. Who knows - maybe there is a more quiet place where people won't encounter you and put you in a stressful situation. This will eventually make you explore places that you have never seen before, you will find beautiful buildings, you will notice things you have not noticed before. When you explore places you will also pay more attention to the little details and also remember them better! A great opportunity to guarantee that is by taking part in our art travels. We have chosen the very best destinations in Europe for you! So what are you waiting for?

7.'s about fun!

Last but not least it’s of course about the fun. Don’t push yourself down and don’t be too perfectionist about your sketches! You can always add details later! In that moment you should fully focus on enjoying the nice atmosphere (and eventually company), relaxing and having fun. Being with a group of people following the same purpose will definitely help you! So? What are you waiting for? Come to one of our art travels and collect memories with us!

Sketching outside is most fun in summer! Photo by Benedikt Ziegler // artistravel

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