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Guest Blog Entry: 10 Best Places For Wildlife Capturing In Europe

These days, as Antarctica and Africa monopolizing the TV screens, it is quite easy to forget that a serious wildlife holiday must not a long-haul. In fact, Europe is the home to a fair level of impressive beasts like there are lynxes stalking the Andalusia hillsides and at the Arctic limits of this continent, flamingoes in the sunny Camargue, polar bears speeding the pack ice of Svalbard. So, whether you are a pro wildlife photographer or just a butterfly or birder fanatic, there are actually a number of places which are the best for capturing wildlife in Europe. Here is a list of 10 of those places.

1. Germany for wild boar: Over the last few years, the number of wild boar in Germany has surged quite dramatically and as a result, these tusked beasts almost became a menace. So, if you have not seen those yet, then this is the high time when you should visit Germany to see these elusive animals. It is possible to spot these animals in the forests in the land of the Central Franconia connecting the Danube and Main rivers. Apart from that, you can also see buzzards, deer and polecats there.

2. Sweden for Beaver and Elk safari: Sweden comes with the highest concentration of elk in this world and in case you spend a weekend in the woods of Bergslagen, you will definitely be able to see the "kings of the forest", mimic their calls and follow them on foot. Besides, you will also be able to see the beavers if you canoe quietly the Lake Skarsjon at the dusk. So, the basic thing is that, you have to stay in any lakeside hut, chop campfire wood, bathe in the brook and look for the lingonberries to have the wilderness dinner.

3. Spain for killer whales: The fishermen of the Tarifa region in the province of Andalucia on every summer contend with the visiting orcas for their catch. On the new trip with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, you can follow the orcas while they hunt bluefin tuna in and around the Strait of Gibraltar. Apart from capturing the bluefin tuna, here you will also be able to capture the dolphins and pilot whales.

4. Portugal for reptiles and amphibians: The sandbanks and mudflats of Sado Estuary, located at the southern part of Lisbon flocked with different types of cold-blooded and slimy inhabitants like the Spiny-footed reptiles, the sluggish Spanish terrapin, west-Iberian painted frogs, marbled newts, Montpellier snakes etc. Besides, numerous dolphins, polecats, otters, and voles also thrive here. Apart from that, this is also one of the best places in Portugal for watching birds.

5. Croatia for chasing butterflies: Croatia is one of the most favorite places for the wildlife photographers. The tour to Croatia mainly revolves around the charity Butterfly Conservation. Photographers can explore these beautiful creatures near the limestone gorges of the famous Paklenica, the waterfalls and turquoise lakes of Plitvice and the rarely explored Velebit Mountains along with the spectacular coastal landscape on the way. Some of the popular species that you will be able to capture here include little tiger blue, Cleopatra, the great sooty satyr and southern festoon.

6. Iceland for gazing at the puffins: Island is identified as the seabird central. In case you choose to drive around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, you will find massive colonies of birds residing on the hills and each side of peninsula with the puffins a kind of highlight. Besides, if you choose to visit Lake Myvatn, you will find geese, whooper swans, breeding ducks along with whale-spots.

7. Northeastern Poland for bison: In case you want to photograph the last remaining bison of Europe, then you have to pay a visit to the northeastern Poland. One of the places is Bialowieza Forest- a remnant of the primeval, vast tree masses where the bison freely roam. Apart from that, there is another bison reserve.

8. The Azores for Net Turtles: The Azores is the home of 5 of the seven types of sea turtles of this world. So, to enjoy your photographic tour, embark on a research boat in the Atlantics and you can even catch those to get more details. Apart from that, you can track the migration pattern of this animal as well as its contribution to the conservation. In the same tour, you can also click pictures of dolphins and whales.

9. Spain for the wolves: There are almost 3000 types of wolves that hang around in different places of Spain, especially in Sierra de Culebra. The wolves can be spotted in both dusk and dawn and in between you will be able to spot the wolves prey like plus wild boar, great bustards, deer and fox.

10. Switzerland for spot marmots: Marmots mainly spend their summer days chewing grass in the open fields. One of them keeps watching the surrounding and whistles loudly while the Eagles pass to send the entire group running for the dens; it is a great thing to watch as well as to capture on the camera in the mountains of Swiss National Park. Besides, this place is also the home of vipers, elk, and chamois, which you can also capture.

by Sarah Bennett from

Posted in Travel, Photography on Apr 27, 2018