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Painting the Evening Sun in Watercolours

If you want to highlight the light of the evening sun in your painting a little stronger, you should use the scumbling technique. First, you put an even and lighter yellow shade on the whole paper. This will be the shade of the background. Once the yellow paint has dried completely, you start to gradually put on a few darker areas. However, it is also important to wait until the first colour has dried. Otherwise, unwanted colour gradients could occupy too large areas of the painting.

In case of an unwanted colour gradient, don’t try to ignore it. This will go wrong and look unpleasant. Our tip here: Just put the unwanted gradient into the painting and try to redress the balance in the painting by highlighting other areas

Painting Evening Sun Pixabay.jpg
Such a beautiful view has to be painted! Picture: Pixabay

Posted in Creativity, Travel, Painting on Nov 22, 2019