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We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

And we would like to thank YOU for a great and successful year. In 2019 we met a lot of amazing new tutors and partners. Now we are excitedly looking forward to 2020: For the first time, we are going to start our own artistravel painting holidays. Overall, there will be 13 artistravel holidays with fantastic tutors like:

Ian Fennelly, Jo W. Pickering, Mark Warner, Elena Romanzin, Danny Hawk & Brigitte Guhle. From drawing and urban sketching to acrylics and oils en plein air. These 13 holidays are made for beginners and advanced learners and I am sure everybody will find his or her personal favourite. No matter whether it is a painting holiday in Italy, France, Germany or Denmark, all destinations are really worth a trip!

We are glad about all new partnerships that are steadily growing. New requests are always welcome – every time we can upload new courses we are feeling proud. The general listing is going to remain free in 2020. Soon there will be an additional possibility for a featured listing which will cost a small fee.

We would like to thank everybody for their nice and friendly support. A special thanks goes to our clients who always trust us and our fantastic tutors.

Now it is time to say goodbye 2019 – we are going to take a few days off during the Christmas holidays. But no worries we will be back soon, latest on 2nd January 2020! Before your festive week starts, we want to show you a wonderful clip made by artistravel tutor and master of lettering: Renata Lahalle. Renata is going to run two amazing artistravel urban sketching holidays with us in 2021. She produced a very nice artistravel international Christmas card plus the related clip all by herself!! This is just one very kind for the gorgeous support our tutors are providing us. Thank you so much Renata - we love the clip and hope all the others feel the same!

Now we are ready for 2020 and look forward to fantastic journeys, amazing new contacts and unforgettable experiences! See you next year guys :)


Posted on Dec 23, 2019