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The most popular destinations in Italy:

Our artistravel international selection of creative holidays in Italy!

Italy: A must for art breaks, photo tours and painting holidays!

Travel experts have long agreed that Italy is a special place. The country has become a ‘must do’ destination for just about everyone including creative minds on their search for inspiration.
Famous for its food, its historical sites, the most beautiful ancient villages and towns and also for its picturesque countryside and coastline, Italy provides a wealth of photographic opportunities, picturesque views and scenery to capture in your sketchbook. Considering all this, it might be safe to say Italy is by far unmatched as a holiday destination for any artist or creative mind!

Photo: Jutta Engelage

Roots in a rich history

Italy is a very ancient country and at the same time a very modern one. Modern civilization owes much to this nation. In Italy, visitors can breathe the spirit of the past while exploring the energy of today. The Greeks had an enormous cultural influence on Italy, and Italy, in turn, spread that legacy to the world. Even the Renaissance, which shaped Europe in terms of arts, architecture and literature, had its start in Italy.

Photo: Viktor Baron

The perfect destination for creative minds

For photographers, painters, sketchers, writers and every other kind of creative minds, Italy is the place to be or at least … to travel to. You can explore Italy's incredible wealth of inspiration in any number of ways. In the city of Rome, different eras seem to coexist together. There's the Rome of the ancients, the Rome of the Renaissance: and the Rome of today with its proud locals, the famous fashion industry and all the wonderful squares, restaurants and parks to discover.

Or visit Pompeii, where a volcanic eruption preserved an entire city's people, places and objects. Go to Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance and finally - don't forget Venice, its wonderful waterways, the Piazza San Marco and the many, many unexplored pathways, roads and neighbourhoods.
And then there are all the signature districts and federal states which are worth the trip. Tuscany with its ancient villages, its vineyards and its beautiful beaches, Sicily, where Africa meets Italy in so many beautiful ways, and Cinque Terre with its stunning coastline. Enough inspiration for a painter’s or photographer’s lifetime - your photo adventure is almost guaranteed.

Photo: iStock ShyMan

20 different kinds of Italian cuisine!

The term "Italian cuisine" is misleading, as Italy has twenty different regional cuisines! As Italy was always a hub of trade and exchange, it's no wonder that various cultures influenced the Italian cuisine. Abruzzo's lamb-based dishes meet Calabria’s macaroni with pork, eggplant and ricotta. And Naples is the place to go for a truly authentic pizza!
22.08. - 29.08.20
"Italian Cuisine" Photography in Tuscany and Umbria
Available "Italian Cuisine" Photography in Tuscany and Umbria
culture, photography
René Van Bakel Tuscany 2 999 EUR
22.08. - 28.08.20
Painting and Drawing Ancient Hill Towns
Available Painting and Drawing Ancient Hill Towns
nature, painting, plein air
John Skelcher Le Marche 1 400 EUR
05.09. - 12.09.20
Tuscany Photoworkshop Adventure
Available Tuscany Photoworkshop Adventure
basics, culture, history, informal, landscape ...
Attilio Di Giangiacomo Tuscany 6 995 USD
12.09. - 17.09.20
Painting, Yoga & Cooking Retreat
Available Painting, Yoga & Cooking Retreat
culture, nature, painting, yoga
John Skelcher Le Marche 1 300 EUR
26.09. - 03.10.20
Portraiture & Nude Studies
Available Portraiture & Nude Studies
basics, drawing, figurative, life, light ...
Brigitte Guhle Tuscany 995 EUR
29.09. - 09.10.20
Naples Italy and Amalfi Coast Photo Tour
Available Naples Italy and Amalfi Coast Photo Tour
adventure, photography
Kathy Adams Clark Naples 5 495 USD
04.10. - 11.10.20
Figurative Drawing and Portraiture
Available Figurative Drawing and Portraiture
basics, drawing, figurative, life, light ...
Brigitte Guhle Cinque Terre 1 010 EUR
06.10. - 16.10.20
Watermedia for Newbies
Available Watermedia for Newbies
painting, watercolour
Georgia Mansur Rome 3 300 USD
06.10. - 16.10.20
How to paint atmospheric paintings ‘en plein air’
Available How to paint atmospheric paintings ‘en plein air’
culture, painting, plein air
Frank Eber Tuscany 3 849 USD
09.10. - 15.10.20
Venice Watercolour Course
Available Venice Watercolour Course
painting, urban, watercolour
John Skelcher Venice 1 550 EUR
09.10. - 18.10.20
Watercolour Workshop Residency Rome- Venice
Available Watercolour Workshop Residency Rome- Venice
culture, painting, watercolour
Jun-Pierre Shiozawa Rome 2 700 EUR
17.10. - 24.10.20
Photography Workshop in Tuscany
Available Photography Workshop in Tuscany
landscape, nature, photography
Martin Sproul Tuscany 1 360 GBP