This is the perfect location for painting amongst beautiful surroundings of unspoilt
lakes and forests.
The Palace Myśliwski Radziwiłłów (formally a hunting palace) in Antonin, built in
1824, is a magical place surrounded by an English garden, unspoilt forests and
lakes. At the Palace time passes slowly, walks along the alleys of the Palace's
English Park - among the little bridges over the stream and the abundant flora - take
one far from day-to-day reality. The Palace and its surroundings are beautiful in each
season of the year. The historical character of the palatial interior enables one to feel
the particular atmosphere prevailing in the former seat of Prince Anthony Radziwill,
who belonged to one of the largest and richest royal families in Europe. The decor,
the music of Chopin and the artistry of the palace chef ensure a feast for the body as
well as the soul.
The Palace is famous for one of its past guests, Frederic Chopin. During his visits
here, in the years 1826-1829, Chopin played, gave lessons to the little Princess
Wanda Radziwill, conducted academic disputes with his host on the complexities of
the art of the composer and composed. Chopin himself also wrote of his stay at the
Palace in Antonin in a letter to a friend: "I was there for a week. You would not
believe how well I am treated by him. I returned by the last post, and only just
managed to decline a longer stay."
The Palace now conducts cultural activities in the Palace itself and in the beautiful
surroundings. The Centre undertakes the organisation of concerts and musical
festivals at the highest level, of which the most important is the "Chopin in Autumn
Colours International Festival". Many concerts take place by famous pianists from
around the world. During the painting holiday a Chopin concert will be held one
evening by a local pianist, it will be truly a memorable event.
The beautiful rooms in the Palace feature classic, stylish hardwood furniture. All
include a desk, wardrobe and a private bathroom with a shower.
The Palace in Antonin has a very large common fireplace room and a club. There
also is a restaurant which offers traditional high quality Polish dishes in the setting of
a historic hunting residence.
The palace is unique and there are only two of its kind in Europe.