The area of ​​Kampos, about ​​20 km², has been declared a "historic place" and a "traditional settlement", protected by the Ministry of Culture. It was formed under the Genoese rule in the 14th century and combines in harmony the unique natural landscape with the distinctive architectural features of the historic mansions of the Genoese aristocrats and the lords of Chios.
The Genoese created vast citrus orchards after they had established the existence of water digging wells and also chose to build their mansions within the orchards. Some of the features of another era that the visitor encounters are a maze of shady paths surrounded by protective high stone walls, made of the local characteristic stone of Thymiana, as well as stone mansions, huge arched gates and balconies supported by small arches.
Each gate hides a magnificent environment: spacious courtyards embroidered with pebbles in the shade of hundred-year-old trees, majestic stone staircases, wells with ‘manganos’ used for irrigation, pergolas and ornate cisterns decorated with marble patterns, fountains and magnificent flower gardens come together to compose a dreamy landscape.
​Immersed in the heart of breathtaking Kampos landscape, Bella Cisterna is a unique sanctuary perfect for hosting retreats like yoga, painting, writing and corporate workshops (team-building, stress management and self-development).
On-site you will be able to hire a bike to have the freedom to explore or go for a hike to be truly immersed in nature under the Greek Sun. There are plenty of outdoor spaces to relax and unwind with hammocks on site, sun beds, whether it's sunbathing, reading, or star-gazing, you will feel completely immersed.
We welcome all kind of groups and are able to offer everything you need to organize a good retreat: the rooms, food, car rentals, hikes, guided visits, wine testing and more . We have vast experience in organizing everything here on the island.