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There's nothing but sea and sun on this North Frisian island, nothing but flat land and its population:
Next to the stunning nature, there are many little places with many things to see. There's Wyk with its harbour and small alleyways, Nieblum with its old church, "Friesenhäuser" and tall trees, and Utersum is the perfect destination for romantic walks through the sunset.

Not only is Föhr the second biggest North Frisian island but also the traditional home of the Frisians. From Dagebüll it is a 45 min ride with the ferry, past Hallingen to Wyk on Föhr. Here now are beaches which are kilometres-long, a uniquely green nature scenery, and a mild climate, favoured by the gulf stream. Magnificent and dramatic weather conditions over the waves and a fantastic view to Hallingen, which dwelling mounds look like little mountain tops coming out of the sea. So many reasons to visit Föhr.

28.09. - 02.10.20
Modern Pastel on the island landscapes of North Frisia
Available Modern Pastel on the island landscapes of North Frisia
landscape, nature, painting, pastel, seascapes
Susanne Mull Föhr 469 EUR