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Bittany is a region in France which is the most western extension of the country and its biggest peninsula. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the north, west and south. There are two culturally different areas in Brittany: The Haute-Bretagne in the East and the Basse-Bretagne in the West, which even own different local languages. Looking back in history, Brittany’s story is a long struggle for independence and you can still notice this attitude today in local customs and traditions. The Breton nature is extraordinary as well: The coast owns many cliffs, rias and capes, the inland is rather hilly with wide grasslands, fields and smaller parts of old forests or moorland.

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Gauguin Painting Holiday at Le Pouldu
Available Gauguin Painting Holiday at Le Pouldu
acrylics, excursion, landscape, mixed media, painting ...
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