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Is there something more inspiring than love? Paris, the capital of France, is also known as the “City of Love“. You will definitely get inspired for your painting or photography works, whether by a romantic horse and carriage ride through Paris, a sparkling cruise along the “Seine River“ or the view from the “Eiffel Tower“, which leads some to make a wedding proposal for his or her sweetheart. But Paris is not only known for romance, it is also the “Capital of Fashion“, “Capital of Arts“ and the “City of Light“. It offers a lot of architectural and historic monuments like “The Arc de Triomphe“, “Versailles Estate“ or the “Notre-Dame Towers“. Beside the monuments there are any famous museums for example the “Louvre Museum“ with various great exhibitions. Paris has an enormous cultural richness, so that everybody can find his or her piece of cake there.

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Springtime in Paris Travel Sketching Weekend
Available Springtime in Paris Travel Sketching Weekend
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Annette Morris Paris 250 EUR