• © by Sebastian Grütz


Hattingen is one of the smaller towns in the south of the Ruhr Valley. Particularly its picturesque ancient town centre knows to welcome you with a beautiful historical atmosphere. Many little winding alleys and more than 150 refurbished timbered houses tell stories of former times – and Hattingen has a lot to tell you, for it is over 600 years old. The gastronomy of the historic town centre speaks for itself and invites to stay and take a culinary break with many delicious offers. Especially worth seeing is the partially preserved town wall, the uniquely built, enclosed churchyard, the so called “Bügeleisenhaus” or the old town hall. In contrast to the idyll of the historic town centre there is the industrial-monument-culture of the “Henrichshütte”, a museum for iron and steel. For 150 years, sparks were flying when the furnaces literally spit out the molten iron and today, the history of iron and steel is revived in that unique original location. In addition to that, there are many more motifs worth seeing – for example the water castle “Kemnade” right next to river Ruhr or “Burg Blankenstein”, a castle from where you can enjoy a stunning view over the Ruhr Valley. Despite the Ruhr Valley being known for its blade metallurgical industry, for iron and steel, for coal and mines – there are some beautiful idyllic green areas, perfect for relaxation. Right behind Hattingen, there is an era called “Elfringhauser Schweiz”, known for its blissful hiking trails and marvellous landscapes Painter and photographer are provided with a great deal of inspiration for their work in the Ruhr Valley. There is a wide range of motifs and atmospheres and a lot of sights, as for example the “Henrichshütte” is a highlight for every photographer. Painters and sketchers are happy here, too! Not only are there light flooded, generous art studios in the town museum in the district “Blankenstein”, but it is also a dream destination for everyone who wants to try out Urban Sketching since its architectural variety provides the perfect environment to practice, improve skills and find picturesque motifs.