Since 1981 the "Artemis Studio" in Nas village is traditionally run by our family. It is the ideal destination for those who wish to visit the island of Ikaria. It is located above the Chalaris' canyon with a panoramic view of the ruins of the Artemis' Temple and the beautiful bay of Nas.

The "Artemis Studio" consists of the restaurant-cafe, the rooms and the ceramic art workshop.

Beginning early in the morning you can enjoy your coffee and a hearty breakfast with a breath-taking view to give you the best start of your day. Returning from the beach, which is just a few minutes away, we will welcome you with romantic sunsets, traditional delicacies and good wine. If you wish to be creative you will always be welcome at our workshop for a first experience with ceramic art!

Nas is a special place on the northwestern coast of Ikaria with invaluable natural beauty. Despite its small size, the visitor can walk and explore the trails, discover unique local herbs growing on the island, swim in the turquoise waters of the beach of Nas and stroll in the archaeological site of Tavropolos Artemis, which is an ancient site of worship to the goddess Artemis. The beach of Nas and the Chalaris’ canyon created an idyllic scenery perfect to accommodate the ancient temple in the 6th century BC. Today only parts are preserved at the base of the Temple. There are many scattered marbles and a part of the lofty wall of the ancient port which was there as it is said. Most artefacts are exhibited in the archaeological museum of Campos.
Walking on the stone path leading to the beach you can enjoy the Chalaris’ canyon and the estuary leading to the sea. Chalaris’ canyon, which has been designated a protected area Natura 2000 is a rich ecosystem with many rare species of flora & fauna.