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Le Marche

Marche is one of the twenty regions of Italy and lies on the Adriatic Coast. This coastline counts 173 kilometers and is predominantly flat whereas the inland is rather hilly or even mountainous. One important advantage of Marche opposed to other regions of Italy is its few tourism. Marches’ beautiful places do not need to be shared with masses of vacationers every season but still the region has so much to offer: The laid-back capital city Ancona with Loreto in its south, which is one of the most prominent pilgrimage destinations in the Catholic world. Or The Frasassi Caves. Or a high number of historic theaters. And even more.

22.08. - 28.08.20
Painting and Drawing Ancient Hill Towns
Available Painting and Drawing Ancient Hill Towns
nature, painting, plein air
John Skelcher Le Marche 1 400 EUR
12.09. - 17.09.20
Painting, Yoga & Cooking Retreat
Available Painting, Yoga & Cooking Retreat
culture, nature, painting, yoga
John Skelcher Le Marche 1 300 EUR