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Tuscany is a region in central Italy which sums up the unique connection of vitality, culinary delights and rich culture. Romantic mountain villages like San Gimingnano Marittima, Montepulciano or Cortona and the tourist centers Pisa und Florence count among this region just as selected wine, shadowy pine forests, the beach and the sea. The wide landscape with its quaint hills full of olive trees, pines, cypresses and grapevines invite you to photography and painting under blue skies. Further relaxation ensures the Tuscan kitchen with its savory and fresh ingredients, prepared in traditional manner and served with a piece of baked bread and olive oil.

22.08. - 29.08.20
"Italian Cuisine" Photography in Tuscany and Umbria
Available "Italian Cuisine" Photography in Tuscany and Umbria
culture, photography
René Van Bakel Tuscany 2 999 EUR
05.09. - 12.09.20
Tuscany Photoworkshop Adventure
Available Tuscany Photoworkshop Adventure
animals, basics, culture, history, informal ...
Attilio Di Giangiacomo Tuscany 6 995 USD
26.09. - 03.10.20
Portraiture & Nude Studies
Available Portraiture & Nude Studies
basics, drawing, figurative, life, light ...
Brigitte Guhle Tuscany 995 EUR
06.10. - 16.10.20
How to paint atmospheric paintings ‘en plein air’
Available How to paint atmospheric paintings ‘en plein air’
culture, painting, plein air
Frank Eber Tuscany 3 849 USD
17.10. - 24.10.20
Photography Workshop in Tuscany
Available Photography Workshop in Tuscany
landscape, nature, photography
Martin Sproul Tuscany 1 360 GBP