The southern region of Pelion is probably the most popular part of the peninsula with visitors coming during the summer months. It is home to a wide range of charming villages and coastal resorts.

Along the southwest coast of Pelion you’ll find some beautiful beach resorts Horto, Milina, Kalamos and Lefokastro. Each of these are on the coast of the Pagasitic Gulf and are perfect destinations for relaxing summer holidays.

You’ll find the beaches of Mikro and Platanias along the southern coast, while to the southeast are charming villages such as Paltsi and Potistika.

There are also a number of beautiful inland villages in South Pelion including Argalasti, which is the main town of the southern part of the Peninsula, as well as Afetes, Metohi, Lafkos and Trikeri.

Wherever you decide to visit in South Pelion, you will be rewarded with stunning scenery and landscapes, beautiful beaches, and traditional villages and resorts where you can unwind and escape the everyday stress and noise of city life and go back to nature.