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The entire landscape in north-eastern Poland (Masuria and the adjacent regions Warmia (Warmia) and Suwałki) is characterized by deep forests, vast meadows and fields and crystal-clear lakes. Here and there are scattered little villages and farmsteads, the streets are often characterized by magnificent avenues. Nature lovers who just want to relax will find a true refuge in Masuria. Large parts of the region are designated as natural and national parks. Further, many rare animals and plants have their protected habitats there. Get inspired e.g. by renting a horse on one of the numerous stud farms and enjoy a nice day out on a horseback ride or explore the area on foot or by bike. Where else can you walk for miles and you will not meet any person? Especially the most beautiful things can be seen and experienced on the little beaten tracks, far from the usual streets. Those who visit Masuria in late summer or early September, should not miss a unique natural spectacle: flocks of storks, which gather in the meadows before their departure into the South. A guaranteed unforgettable natural spectacle!

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Figurative Drawing and Portraiture
Available Figurative Drawing and Portraiture
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