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Lofoten is a fishermen’s region in northern Norway, consisting of about 80 different islands. Once barren and bleak, because of deforestation, today the greenery of Lofoten has noticeably returned and completes a beautiful landscape. Mountain ranges on Lofoten reach up to over 1200 meters, there are majestic fjords and wide beaches, bathed by the wild ocean. The location of the many single islands causes dangerous maelstroms in this region of the Norwegian Sea. The changing weather conditions fit in this wild image of Lofoten, but it is outstandingly wonderful for artists, because the vivid light conditions create the most wonderful sceneries. And because of the Gulf Stream nearby, temperatures are nevertheless surprisingly mild. As an extra goodie, it is even possible to observe the Aurora from Lofoten. This pristine region in the North has therefore a lot to offer.

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Norway Lofoten Photo Adventure
Available Norway Lofoten Photo Adventure
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