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Prerow (Baltic Sea)

Right in the middle of green forests, framed by the Baltic Sea and adorned with beautiful, traditional houses, you can find the former fishing village of Prerow. With its smooth sand-beaches, beautiful forests and interesting culture, Prerow is the perfect destination for creative minds, who are looking for a relaxed holiday. Painters and photographers like the picturesque place due to it‘s beautiful countryside and nearness to the sea. One highlight of Prerow is the Prerower pier Darß. From the pier, the view sweeps over the idyllic coastal landscape to the dunes in front of Darßer village. Looking north, you can see a wind farm - one of the first alternative energy sources in the Fischland-Darß-Zingst region. And if you look to the east, there is the beautiful tiny island of Hiddensee. Furthermore, there is the Darß-museum, in which you can experience many interesting things about “Darß”. The exhibition ranges from the first Stone Age settlement to the development of bathing in the twentieth century, with highlights including the collection of sailing ships, building culture and the “Darß flora” with a fresh plant show. Prerow is a parish of the authority of Darß/Fischland in the district of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which lies in northern Germany. In summer, the weather in Prerow is cloudy with pleasant temperatures around 22° C. You can get to Prerow by car, train, bus or plane, which would take you to Copenhagen Airport [which is 132 km away.]