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„The flower of Europe“ – that‘s what Wroclaw was called in the past. Nowadays, the Polish metropolis counts more than 1000 years of age, but still remains young and vivid. Wroclaw is one of the most important arts center of Poland. Its huge and beautiful marketplace is home for the picturesque Gothic townhall which was built in the Middle Ages. In many rooms of the townhall you can visit great art exhibitions. Around the marketplace, there are gorgeous bourgeois houses from the Baroque, Renaissance and the Art Nouveau period which you should definitively explore with your camera or a sketchbook. And if you don’t get seasick, you can go on a gondola tour and discover stunning perspectives for fantastic photos or paintings from the water.

23.08. - 29.08.20
Wroclaw Painting Holiday
Available Wroclaw Painting Holiday
oil, painting
Katarzyna Popinska Wroclaw 455 EUR