Tour: A universe - ceramics sculpture and wood firing ·

A universe - ceramics sculpture and wood firing

27.09.2020 - 05.10.2020 Cerdeira | Renato Costa e Silva sculpture, arts & crafts 670 EUR

“(…) from all materials for sculpture I found clay the most fascinating as it is the most receptive one that easily keeps an idea or emotion(…)” Renato Costa e Silva is a researcher and story teller, his sculptures are talking for themselves. If on one hand they are result of a methodical process of conception, passing from drawings and models to preparation of clay to thorough realization, on the other hand Renato preserves and cultivates a spontaneous modelling process, a pleasure for assumed experimentation tha culminates with the exposure of the work to the action of fire. Made from specially prepared and optimized clay for each kind of work, his sculptures are an approach to his vision of the world, they show a deep unterstanding of mankind, full of humor and endearment of life.

He builds his first wood firing kiln and opens his ceramic studio in 1980, part of the first generation of portuguese ceramicists who found in contemporary ceramics a way of expression and life. After 40 years of professional activity, with countless exhibitions in Portugal and also abroad from France, Canada, USA, Bermudas and Kuwait, study travels throughout Europe, USA and Japan, Renato continues researching, experimenting and perfectioning firing techniques and materials, and luckily he also likes to share his huge knowledge.

In his courses Renato Costa e Silva always takes us to the center of all inquiry, To study and work under the guidance of this artist is a unique opportunity to gain a deep understanding of  the whole ceramic processes.

 Together with Kerstin Thomas he will support each student to progress and take home sculptures that reflects not only the achievement of knowledge but also the  expression of  your personal project.

You will learn

- to develop, plan and execute your ideas 

- how to choose and prepare the right clay for each kind of work

- to reflect about aesthetic options

- different ways to build up your sculpture

 - about textures and surfaces
- about the enormous possibilities of wood firing

- to fire your work in our Sasukenei - Forno sem Fumo

A universe - ceramics sculpture and wood firing
Renato Costa e Silva