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Watercolour Painting Holiday And Course

14.09.2020 - 18.09.2020 Porto | Andrew Hodgson painting, watercolour 300 EUR

Relax and Paint!

Typically we would spend half a day in the studio studying useful drawing and painting theory along with practise exercises. Watercolour has many interesting techniques to be mastered, there will be particular emphasis on, materials, paper stretching, basic washes, colour theory, composition, atmospheric perspective and adding figures, helping to turn your paintings into stories.
This will depend largely on the groups ability and needs.

These sessions are followed by lunch and then an afternoon of plein-air sketching and painting in a nearby location.

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished painter you will have the opportunity to enjoy improving your work and reinforcing your knowledge with like minded people.

Ponte de Lima is very popular as a tourist destination during holiday seasons and therefore has an abundance of hotels and places to stay located just minutes away from the studio.
We are happy to recommend a few which can easily be booked online.
Likewise there are many wonderful cafes and restaurants nearby to sample the famous food and wine of the region served by the warm hearted local people.

Watercolour Painting Holiday And Course
Andrew Hodgson