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Abstract Collage Acrylic

19.09.2021 - 26.09.2021 Menorca | Anke Carola Broeschen painting, collage 399 EUR

The FIESTADELARTE Workshops speaks to all arty people! Anke’s experiences with artists and in theatres are an inspiring source of creativity. Also does she link the learned philosophy of stage design with FIESTADELARTE art courses.

What does art and free painting mean to me? Free painting is a medium for expressing thoughts, feelings, moods and experiences from life. Researching the subconscious and also experimenting. For me, painting is like an urge to create something. On some days I sit there and don't get a line on paper or canvas, and sometimes pondering for days and nights. Then it is like a river that is saturated with brooks, like thoughts, ideas and courage, which turn outward from the soul and process emotions. For me, art also means dealing with the inside itself. To let the 'I' run free. Art is like nature, always different, always changing. "

(Anke Carola Broeschen)

Abstract painting and collage makingThe abstract painting workshops and stage painting contain the collage technique on paper or canvas. The collage technique also means taking things out of the norm and then alienating them. They trigger moods; they increase attention and change a way of thinking. You will also learn how to use hand tools, techniques and materials.

Artist Studio & Gallery Broeschen is open all year round!

The art courses and workshops take place in the garden of your accommodation by individual agreement. Let yourself be inspired by colours, light and the nature of Menorca.

Abstract Painting Workshop

Fashion Textiles Collage 
Basic Workshop Collage 'Stage Design': In this 10-hours Abstract Painting Workshop you will learn the fundamental techniques of Collage Free Painting Stage Design on canvas. Textiles and Fashion Material will be fixed on the canvas with glue. Material such as Textile, scraps of clothing, bonding agent, acrylic paint and ink. Will be utlised in my unique technique to bring collage and painting together on the canvas in this free painting art course. The textile material will be stuck on a canvas of circa 35 x 55 cm. Arcylic colours will then be painted on the canvas and textiles and spread out using a spatula. The short time it takes for the collage to dry allows for you to break away from the norms and regulations.Abstract figures will now become visible to the exterior eye as well as the interior. A form of communication will take shape. The object will then be slowly encircled on the canvas using a base colour. Withshades of colour and their harmony you will learn to transform abstract shapes into figures and faces. Your imagination enters the foreground. The stuck-together textiles form their own movement. The utilisation of acrylic colours rework and estrange the first impression of the painting and turn the object into a story. The objects on the canvas will then be connected using a line-technique.We will accompany you through thoughts, expressions and your individual vision.

(10-hours workshop, price for 2 people, inclusive material and VAT)

Price 399,00 € 

Groups from 6 people please ask an offer. Course times by appointment. We visit you in your Holiday House with an extra charge from 39€ for the private workshop in your domicile. You can take your artwork with you as a great individual menorca souvenir of art. ART Made in Menorca.


Beach Villa TirNaNog:


Courses will take place in the garden of the beach villa and nowhere else.

from 23th November, 2020: Entry to the Balearic Islands with PCR Corona Test (valid 72h). Document has to be in Spanish or English. 
This way, Menorca will stay safe. 

Abstract Collage Acrylic
Anke Carola Broeschen