Tour: Ceramics and nature with all five senses ·

Ceramics and nature with all five senses

24.05.2022 - 29.05.2022 Cerdeira | Lidia Boševski arts & crafts, sculpture 680 EUR

Observing and tracking one’s own attraction impulse towards details in nature opens up our creative center. If we allow it to inspire us and connect us with our natural sense of harmony, free from prejudice and expectations, we create through our individual sensibilities. We are part of nature. When walking through the mountains we seek not only inspiration, but also textures, tools and materials. Back to the studio we will investigate and test to select the raw material for the objects we want to create.

This course gives us a deep insight to the nature of clay, nature and the whole working process in ceramics, from preparation of materials to the firing at the end.

Participants have the chance to be in nature and create their own collection of ceramic objects. An immersion into nature and silence is what we promise for this course.


  • The ceramic process from the preparation of the pastes to the creation and firing of the pieces;
  • "See" nature with all the senses.

Ceramics and nature with all five senses
Lidia Boševski