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Build your own chair

07.06.2022 - 12.06.2022 Cerdeira | Peter Lanyon sculpture, arts & crafts, wood carving 680 EUR

Working and making furniture with green wood is one of the oldest techniques, recently rediscovered due to its unique characteristics. It allows working and being in nature and offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of design.

Green wood is a damp and soft wood, somewhat easier to work with. But the work requires a solid knowledge of the raw material so that the drying processes and their reduction works in favor of our piece. Not many tools are needed as it is all essentially handmade. The pieces thus produced carry what we feel and give expression to our learning. Learn how to make a chair freely and follow your own design. We will use freshly cut wood in the vicinity to create the seat, legs and backrest for your creative and unique chair. In these 6 days you will learn all the basic techniques of working with green wood, including carving the wood by hand, working the various pieces until they are beautifully and delicately finished and then putting them together. We also teach you how to build your own bench, a knowledge that will allow you to continue practicing yournew art when you return home.

"Free form" refers to a working style that uses irregular and curved pieces of wood, you will learn how to drill and make a perfect joint of these elements. It is a course for people who want to do something unique and personal, something that is the expression of their personality.

Build your own chair
Peter Lanyon