Mozaic Trancadis Workshop

22.10.2022 - 29.10.2022 Menorca | Anke Carola Broeschen arts & crafts, mozaic 599 EUR

​The FIESTADELARTE Workshops Abstract Painting and Painting Classes are aimed at all art interested people. Her experiences with artists and at the theater are an inspiring source of creativity. She also combines the learned philosophy of set design in the FIESTADELARTE art courses.​

In this workshop you will learn the so-called Trencardis mosaics techniques invented by Antonio Gaudi. We will work with cut and broken pieces of tiles and porcelain shards as well as original beachglass-pieces from Menorca to create unique new designs and individual indoor and outdoor decoratios.

Creative support and stimulation will be provided to achieve a creation of your own mosaic design. You will learn how to use the tile cutter and classic ceramics- and mosaic-pliers. You can choose two different workshop types:  

Mosaic Vintage Paella Pan:

You will utilise Gaudi's colourful shard technique and bring your own ideas to a decorative, vintage paella-pan, approx 27 cm. Learn how to arrange the pieces of tiles professionally and fix them. In the last step we will show you how to finish the design using cement and how to polish the tiles. (6-hours ) or 


Mosaic Beachglass Tealight:

The Trencardis methode can be used in many different ways. One beautiful way with an exiting appeal is a selfmade m-size tea- or windlight with original Menorca - Beachglass. We will show you how you create and fix your own design on a glass, smoothing it with cement and polish the glass. You will be surprised, how easy and nice it is, to create your own beautiful windlight. 

A Combination of courses is possible
Pricing on request

Mozaic Trancadis Workshop
Anke Carola Broeschen