• Urban Sketching - A Crash Course
    Photo: Danny Hawk

Urban Sketching - A Crash Course

26.08.2023 - 27.08.2023 Hattingen | Danny Hawk urban, sketching, drawing, watercolor, watercolour 269 EUR

Learn how to depict urban sceneries and buildings with drawings in ink and watercolour in this intense two-day-course. You’ll receive tips and tricks and knowledge on Urban Sketching by Master Danny Hawk himself.

With this Crash Course in Urban Sketching, the participants will learn different techniques which they can apply when sketching outside.
The main part of this course lies on drawing architecture and nature. During the course we will stress the following points:

  • How can we see buildings and trees as forms and structures and how can we draw them the easiest way?
  • When to stop the drawing and start the colouring?
  • How to mix colours properly?
  • How does one do contrast, textures and shadows in watercolour?
  • How to pick the most interesting part of the picture to draw?
  • How to make difficult scenes “easier” for the eye?

Target group: Beginners with prior knowledge as well as advanced sketchers who would like to learn new techniques. Participants should be able to walk and possibly ride bikes for a while at a time.

Group size: min. 6 persons, needs to be achieved at last 2 weeks in advance of the starting date of the course.  max. group size 12 persons

The course will be held in German and English.

Photo: Danny Hawk