• Urban Sketching in Cologne
    Photo: Lyndon Hayes

Urban Sketching in Cologne

27.08.2023 - 02.09.2023 Cologne | Lyndon Hayes urban, sketching, watercolor, watercolour 1499 EUR

Join professional Urban Sketcher Lyndon Hayes for five days of nothing but that: Urban Sketching! No matter your skill level, you are welcome to explore vibrant Cologne with pencils to create colourful and unique memories.

Lyndon Hayes will teach you the unique technique of his very own interpretation of Urban Sketching. For a sense of what's to come, here's a closer itinerary of the five-day-course: 

Day 1

We are getting sketch-ready. You will spend the first day interacting closely with the group to gauge people's abilities & general interests. This will be followed by small warm-up exercises in the form of quick sketches to get used to the environment that we find ourselves in. A sense of camaraderie but (most importantly) a sense of fun & excitement to help us deal with the busy places we will find ourselves in over the coming days.

Day 2
Now that you have all familiarised yourselves with Cologne  & its potential, Lyndon Hayes will be setting small tasks throughout the day for building up a scene both in the morning & after lunch in the afternoon. Each of the five days will end with a brief meeting to discuss your day's experience, display your work & reminisce on the day’s events.

Day 3
Now you will have fully immersed yourself into the lively environment of Cologne, but what about its people? We will be concentrating on capturing the essence of this beautiful city through its lively old town square to try & encapsulate the tourists & the hustle & bustle of this magical place.

Day 4
Now that you have thoroughly familiarised yourself with your environments & gained much confidence within the group, Lyndon Hayes will ask everyone to commit to a longer more concentrated series of sketches but with unfamiliar materials to break you out of your comfort zones. This exercise will help you understand the importance of colour tones, both simple & complex & how you should tackle each unfamiliar medium to get the best out of the products you are using.

Day 5
The final day will consist of two locations in the heart of the city, one in the morning & finally one in the afternoon. We will be using all the experience that we have displayed over the past couple of days to tackle more detailed angles, composition, perspectives & viewpoints to get the very best out of our time in Cologne. 

Target group: All levels are welcome! Whether you're a total beginner or an advanced Urban Sketcher, it doesn't matter - everyone will take something out of this week. 

Accommodation: Youth hostel Cologne-Deutz: https://www.jugendherberge.de/...

Number of participants: 6-12

 Where do we sketch/draw?  We will draw and sketch mainly outside en plein air, so you should not mind walking longer distances on foot. Nevertheless, if the weather is bad we usually have access to the studio inside, where we can draw and sketch, too.

Photo: Youth Hostel Cologne-Deutz