Alex Kelly

Alex currently lives and works in Birmingham, UK. In his college years he had a strong affinity for both science and art and initially followed a university degree in science but later decided to pursue an artistic career and consequently gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art specialising in sculpture. He went on to set up a studio making ceramic sculpture, as well as teaching art at schools and community colleges. Currently he is developing a new body of work, primarily oil paintings in the alla prima manner.

Alex's work in oil is usually painted directly from life study. Alla prima, direct painting, usually wet-in-wet, is exciting and often surprising because one is often responding spontaneously but with great concentration on the subject.

Alex will be sharing the passion and inspiration he finds in all kinds of subjects from flowers to landscape and still life. He feels that creating work starts with developing a sensitivity to the beauty present. Beauty means whatever moves, inspires, intrigues or is simply interesting enough to want to study more deeply. Most often it is the quality of light which inspires.


Sun, 12.05. - Sun, 19.05.24
Alla Prima Oil inside and out: Floral Painting from life
Available Alla Prima Oil inside and out: Floral Painting from life
flowers, life, oil, painting, plein air
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