Andrew Hodgson

Born In Lancashire in 1969 and the son of an art teacher, I was
always interested to learn the art of drawing.

I discovered the beauty of loose impressionistic watercolour painting
when I was around 20 years old and was immediately hooked after being
given a book by the legendary painter John Blockley.

Soon I packed my brushes and set off on a journey of discovery that
took me around the world in my quest to learn everything I could about
this enchanting media.

Spending my time in Australia, Asia, Europe, Middle East and North &
South America. It was whilst in Bahrain I was lucky enough to join a
watercolour workshop, with a group of talented students and access to
books by Charles Reid among many. My learning curve accelerated
upwards, and I enjoyed several successful group and solo exhibitions
there. It is nice to know my work is held in private collections
throughout the places I visited.

Finally my family and I moved and settled in the sunny and lush green hills of
Northern Portugal in one of the area’s most beautiful and oldest towns;
Ponte de Lima on the banks of the Rio Lima. A beautiful town
with a bustling market and many fiestas, but also full of quiet
stunning locations
to relax and paint.

We have spent the last few years building our house with a large well
lit studio, where I teach my regular classes and are surrounded by
numerous painting locations, from river views and ancient watermills
to beaches, mountains, stunning parks, gardens, vineyards and
historical architecture all set to the pace of the quiet country life
that still exists here.