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Bettina Schroeder

Bettina Schroeder is a practising artist whose work is regularly exhibited throughout Europe and America, recently in Santa Fé, USA, Zurich, Switzerland, Bonn, Germany and in London, UK. She organized her first painting holiday in Wales in 1987. Such was its success that she has arranged painting holidays ever since, and steadily broadened the choice of locations for her courses. “Bettina is an exemplary teacher”, said Nicholas Shakespeare in The Telegraph Magazine.

After studying at the Free University of Berlin, German born and educated Bettina moved to London in the 1980s. Her work ranges from watercolour to oil painting, sculpture and photography. When not travelling, Bettina works from her London studio in Shoreditch, painting a wide range of subjects, preparing exhibitions and completing commissions.

Her love affair with watercolour began when she came to the UK, the ‘motherland’ of that medium. “Although I like working in different ways depending on the circumstances, I have very strong feelings for painting in watercolour. It gives me the freedom to be spontaneous and to work easily outdoors. I want to pass on this passion when I am teaching”

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Painting Holidays with Bettina Schroeder
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