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Catherine Stott

Catherine Stott is a professional artist and course tutor living in Bampton, mid-Devon, where she works from her own spacious studio at Weston House. Her interests as an artist have been reflected in many exhibitions of paintings inspired by gardens, landscapes, poetry and music in England and southern Scotland.

Catherine has taken part in outdoor art events at Crook Hall Garden and Alnwick Gardens, and in mixed arts events with poets, musicians and storytellers. She has been artist in residence at Hexham Abbey and at the Morpeth Folk Gathering, and has the R.H.S. Certificate in Horticulture.

In interpreting her subjects, Catherine paints in a variety of media and also works in mosaic. In recent years, she has run many adult art workshops indoors and outside on location, and worked with adult art club groups, schoolchildren and families.

19.06. - 26.06.20
Midsummer Glory
Available Midsummer Glory
nature, painting, plein air
Devon 790 GBP
31.07. - 07.08.20
Bold and Beautiful Borders
Available Bold and Beautiful Borders
nature, painting, plein air
Devon 795 GBP