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Charles Borsboom

Photography has been a passion of Charles since he laid hands on the Agfa Clack of his father at the age of 10. In 199 he made a choice to become a professional photographer in addition to his work as an editor for several photography magazines. His second passion is travelling, and he has been abroad many times and sometimes for longer periods. Both for travelling, but also for photography. USA, Canada, Iceland, Greenland and almost all Scandinavian countries are his favourites.
After visiting China for the first time, Charles discovered his 3 passion. He visited China regularly and in 2011 lived for a year in Yangshuo, in the famous Karst mountains.
As a photographer he is not only into landscape photography, but also portrait- and documentary photography appeal to him. Since 2012 Charles offers photography workshops and photo tours in China, in which he emphasizes ‘the art of seeing’: “look and think before you press the button, it always pays of”.