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Chris Forsey

I trained as a Graphic designer, got diverted into becoming an illustrator for 20 years and eventually found my way back to painting via watercolour. I now use this and many other combinations of water-based media in my painting. I work on both paper and board, and canvas for larger works using tools such as roller, card, palette knife, wide brushes and finger.

I am basically a landscape painter, favouring the rugged, the spectacular, the moody and atmospheric and the light-filled as sources of inspiration. Work in my Spring exhibitions in Surrey and Devon is inspired by this subject matter and includes work recently completed of North Cornwall, South Devon, Greece, the woods and Downs of Surrey and Sussex, and river scenes of Suffolk and Hampshire.

I work from copious sketches and watercolours executed on location, photographs and a lot of memory, using colour to evoke light, atmospheric conditions, time of day and season and my response to the scene before me. All the work is completed in the studio in Dorking, Surrey.

I run my own painting classes and workshops, and painting holidays in Greece and Cornwall.

My DVD “BEYOND WATERCOLOUR” is available from Amazon and Townhouse films.

14.09. - 17.09.20
Exmoor Valleys, Quaint Cottages & Harbour Scenes
Available Exmoor Valleys, Quaint Cottages & Harbour Scenes
acrylics, landscape, oil, painting
Exmoor 735 GBP