Danny Hawk

Danny's artwork:
Colorful, lively and detailed – that’s how Danny Hawk describes his work. As a lover of architecture and idyllic places, he enjoys exploring the landmarks of a city with his sketchbook. Sometimes, he sketches just a snippet, a tower or a house front. Other times, he draws the entire scene.
His sketches aren’t only known for their masterful interpretation of interesting architecture, but above all for their playful elements – whether it’s a sky made of watercolor blotches or the creative use of whitespace and outlines. Either way, he likes to take his time when sketching: “I enjoy staying in one place and becoming one with my sketching subject.”

The person behind the artwork:
Danny Hawk likes collecting maps. In fact, the American-born artist has a 2 meter-wide world map where he marks every corner of the globe he has visited (over 40 countries) or wants to visit. At one point, he wanted to bring back more from his travels than countless photos. That was the moment when the traveler Danny Hawk became the sketcher Danny Hawk. Now, his sketchbooks naturally combine the two great passions of the globetrotter and sketcher.
With Danny Hawk, course participants have a wonderful conversation partner. Whether it’s through discussions about languages, culture or politics, he looks forward to connecting with his fellow sketchers in every course.