Elena Romanzin

Elena Romanzin is not only a master of the craft of painting, she is very passionate to share her knowledge with her students as well. In an empathic way she addresses the individual participants’ prior knowledge and requirements and accompanies and supports them during their painterly and artistic development.
Her energy and enthusiasm for painting is contagious. Her supervision is individually accentuated. At the end of a course, she surprises every participant with realizing what they are capable of.

Classical realistic painting is the medium Elena Romanzin uses to get inspired and constantly reinvents herself in. Even after 25 years of painting she still thinks there is the chance of learning something new and improving skills. The bases of her profession are solid craftsmanship as well as sound knowledge of material. She mastered many different painting techniques which gives her freedom for artistic and artful expression. There seems to be nearly no medium which she has not worked with yet.
Thematically, her works revolve around observations and convictions towards art and painting. Inspiring role models matter as much as classical eras and genres. She focuses on and interprets observations of her own study trips and views and is an absolute lovely teacher.