Giacomina Ferrillo

In 2015 during a stay in England, she fell in love with botanical art, deciding to dedicate herself to it full time. Up until this point she had pursued botanical art for pleasure and in the context of her children’s book illustrations. Her very great love of flowers and plants was transmitted to her by her father in early childhood.

Her sketchbooks, indispensable tools that accompany her work and creative process, are particularly important for her botanical production.

Giacomina has experienced the great power of Art in Psycotherapy both through teaching seriously disadvantaged children and through volunteer work in a psychiatric hospital.

She recognises the importance of promoting personal spaces to cultivate ones own creativity and the use of the sketchbook as an effective tool especially when focusing on the observation and study of nature. The attention required in portraying a botanical subject, the control and wonder that the study entails, makes this a training discipline that works on many different levels – requiring us to challenge ourselves creatively and as individuals.

Giacomina chooses subjects full of character in which the scientific contribution of a detailed, accurate execution is accompanied by a dose of Poetry.

Giacomina Ferrillo is an Italian artist with a degree in Scenography. She graduated in Art Printing Techniques and Graphic Design going on to specialise in Illustration. She has considerable professional experience in all her areas of specialisation; working as a set designer, interior designer, editorial designer, stylist and editor for fashion magazines. She has published over ten children’s books in Italy and abroad, both as an author and illustrator. Her Art History studies have involved her in some innovative projects including research on the history of art as applied to the history of haute-patisserie.