Gregory Wellman

Gregory began demonstrating and leading workshops 10 years ago after many requets. As soon as he realised that all he needs to do is share his experience and technique with others, instructing became a rewarding and thrilling experience. He makes a point when he is instructing to find out what it is that people want to develop, and shows them practical techniques they will understand and use in current and future work.

Having worked with people of all ages and abilities, Gregory has a knack of getting on people's wavelength. "It's important to recognise what people want from a tutor, whether it's a reassuring presence, a guide and advisor or a step by step teacher. I adapt to my fellow artist's needs."

A member of the SAA, Gregory has demonstrated at shows in Bristol and London. His painting has taken him to the USA, Africa and New Zealand, where he has painted on location at the movie set for The Hobbit. Magazine articles including Art in Devon and International Artist. His paintings have been exhibited in London and patrons include Sir Kenneth Branagh. He was featured on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year (2013) and took part in Landscape Artist of the Year (2015).