Ian Layton

Ian is a professional artist and tutor and is predominantly a 'plein air' oil painter, working in front of the subject. Ian has drawn and painted for as long as he can remember. He has no formal training, but has been fortunate to have had exceptional mentors such as David Curtis, who he has painted with for over 30 years, and still does today.
'I have taught and demonstrated at several Art Societies over the years, This year, 2019, I organised and ran a painting course in Spain for a week where I taught and demonstrated to 5 other artists.'
He is also a 'founder member' and President of the "Northern boys', who are a group of 9 artists from the North of England, who meet, paint and socialise together on a regular basis. 'We arrange glorious expeditions to various places abroad and in the UK. We invite other artists to paint with us from time to time, Alex Kelly painted with the boys in London last year.
Ian specialises in city/town scapes, landscapes and interiors. His teaching style is calm, friendly and inspiring. Ian has a strong belief that an artist has a responsibility to pass on his knowledge and skills and to help others see the world's complex forms in a simplified impressionistic way using shape, tone and colour .
Ian has exhibited at many prestigious exhibitions including: The Royal Academy, The New English Art Club, The Royal Oil Institute, The Royal Society of British Painters, The Royal Society of Marine Artists

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