Jon Davison

He set up 'Eye in the Sky Productions' in 1999 to service the Australasian aviation/defence industries. Since that time Eye in the Sky has grown considerably. He is a completely self-taught photographer as well as a graphic designer and digital artist. He finds Photoshop the most enjoyable and rewarding tool he has ever had the pleasure to work with. So much so that he uses it every day. He says:
"I now think in terms of this tool and it has become an essential part of today's image making process. It has not replaced photography, nor will it, it is simply another important aspect of the craft of image making".

Jon has published over 18 of his own books, and has been a Photoshop trainer for 10 years. He now also teaches photography and gives courses together with his wife Jude (oddly enough, also a Kiwi!) who has been involved with the arts and related fields, having had her own art gallery in Fremantle for many years. She is passionate about the culture and arts of the Tarn region and its wines!

Jon (a native Kiwi) is a highly experienced illustrative colour 'location' photographer, specialising in air-to-air portraits. He has worked as a photographer all his life. He worked as a travel photographer for 20 years, plus has been photographing the aviation industry for an equal amount of time. For nearly 15 years he was one of the prime photographers for the US based travel guide publishers Berlitz, their 'Pocket' and 'Discovery guides' still sell worldwide. He traveled the world for them many times over and illustrated over 100 books on an exclusive basis. Lonely Planet Travel Guides represent Jon's work, so his work appears on many of their covers as well. His passion though, as far back as he can remember has always been aviation. He decided that he would use the same criteria of strong colours and design elements in his aviation images that he used in his travel and commercial work.

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