Katarzyna Popinska

Katarzyna Popinska was born and also now lives in the beautiful historic city of
Wroclaw, Poland. She qualified as a teacher and spent her early years teaching in
schools. Painting has been her passion ever since childhood, and she has always
had a need for creativity and developed this over time in painting in oils. Over the
past 15 years she has devoted her time to oil painting and developed her unique
style and her most loved subjects are architecture, landscapes, figures, portraits and
historical subjects.

Over the last 10 years she has formed her own painting workshop ‘Pracowni Kasi’ in
the famous Jaś and Małgosia houses (Hansel and Gretel House) which is located in
the historic market square of Wroclaw. Many past students have won prestigious
awards in painting competitions. From 2010 she has organised various international
plein-air painting workshop throughout the beautiful area of Dolny Slask.
She has held many painting exhibitions nationally including both in Wroclaw and
Warsaw in many educational and cultural institutions and art galleries. She is also
the vice president of the institute of artists for the History Museum of the Polish
Peoples Movement in Warsaw. Her paintings can be found in museums and various
institutes and also on book covers and albums. She has also received many awards
and distinctions.
Her workshop caters for all levels from beginners to well established and
experienced artists It is important for her to have time to give individual attention to
each member of the group, how to draw, mix colours etc. and for that she has
another artist who will assist her throughout the workshop.
Website http://malarstwopopinska.pl/